sub zero

I throw up the shade
caught in the balance between
freezing and sunrise

This morning was not the first time the neighbors have caught me hanging out of the window at 6 AM in sub-zero windchill temperatures trying to get a good picture of the dawn. If I’m going to freeze to death I hope it’s while I’m looking at the most beautiful sunrise.


a fresh start

sites crashed – BREATHE SARAH!
no decisions till you calm-
*sigh* Too late. It’s new.

Trying hard not to be too quirky here at Daymoon Rising but Ronovan Writes’ prompts of “breathe” and “new”  for this week’s haiku challenge were too perfect not to tell my story of yesterday.  I crashed not one but three of my websites.  In attempting to fix the mess, I made it worse. Decided a fresh start was better than trying to recreate everything.  I’m very good at dissing everything and starting again.  Probably too good.

Way too good.

So enjoy the three whole poems I have here so far. 😉